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The following ladies have earned CCFC Trustee status by being an active member for 10 years or more!

Louise Angerer                            Sharon Baldridge

Judy Barnett                                 Carol Berry

Linda Booker                                Bonnie Brinton

Anne Brown                                  Deronda Burdette

Mary Ciernia                                 Pam Clark

Marge Cooper                                Kathy Coull

Lynn Ekegren                                Betty Flagg

Marianne Fonte                            Madi Gates

Ann Hansen                                   Muriel Harkins

Carol Huff                                       Leila Humphrey

Francine Johnston                         Patricia Kowal

Vernice Lincoln                              Diane Martinelli

Jeanette Meek                                 Ricki Pace

Ann Silva                                          Diana Volny

Ann Whitehead